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GenMed Business Plan Example


1. Sea rch and Verify: The first step is to perform secondary research from public and private repositories. The market analyst seeks out written material from all available channels, including press releases, financial reports, Wall Street Reports, newswires, and other research sources

2. Survey: In this the market analysts gathers information by survey methods and informal interviews from the top 10 suppliers and/or competitors that make up 80 percent or more of the segment market share. This information is collected and organized in tables, charts, and graphs.

3. Emerging Trends : By analyzing the secondary and primary data the market analyst is able to determine emerging industry trends. These trends represent new business opportunities for the client.

4. Research and Writing: To gather even more data to support an emerging pattern, the market analyst interviews potential customers to determine the value proposition of the research. The final document is produced and is a representation of current and future industry activities and opportunities.

Price Range: $950.00 to 3,000.00 USD